Corrective Jaw Surgery

Learn More About Corrective Jaw Surgery Procedure

Facial Improvement After 
Corrective Jaw Surgery


Overbite and small jaw


Long Face, Gummy Smile


Large Lower Jaw




Asymmetric Overbite and Gummy Smile


Repairing the Deficient Jaw


Open Bite Surgery and Liposuction



Severe Asymmetry



Jaw Advancement and 
Neck Liposuction

Short Face, Jaw Advancement 
with Chin Reduction


Large Lower Jaw Surgery



Chin Augmentation


Asymmetric Underbite Repair


Long Face, Gummy Smile


Lower Jaw Advancement




Treating the Large Lower Jaw


Jaw Advancement for Sleep Apnea

Realigning the Jaws


Underbite Repair




Occlusal Plane Clockwise Rotation with
Jaw Surgery and Cheek Implants


Managing the Lower Jaw


Lower Jaw Advancement 
and Liposuction


Worn Front Teeth and Underbite


Asymmetric Underbite



Overbite and Small Jaw


Asymmetric Underbite



Underbite and Implants



Open Bite







Overbite Small Lower Jaw


Small Upper Jaw from Cleft Lip and Palate


Small Lower Jaw and Open Bite


Small Lower Jaw and Liposuction 


Overbite Correction 


Jaw Advancement and Nose Job