Teeth in a Day

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Advanced Quad-Zygomatic Implants, requiring extra training, are only solution for extremely deficient upper jaw, improving facial profile

Facial Changes with Upper and Lower Implants

Grafting and Same-Day-Teeth

Advanced Zygoma Implants After Failed Implants Elsewhere

Dental Implants to replace a loose upper denture

Smile Makeover with Facial Enhancement

Upper and Lower Same-Day-Teeth

Neck Line Improvement after Lower Jaw Implants and Grafting

(No Facelift)

Facial Asymmetry Improvement by Dental Implant Replacement


Upper Teeth Implant supported Crowns

Grafting and Implants to Replace Upper Teeth


Upper And Lower Implants and Lower Lip Lesion Repair

Replacing Failed Upper and Lower Teeth


Failed Upper and Lower Teeth

Implants to Replace Failing Upper Teeth

Replacing All Failing Teeth and Implants

New Upper Teeth on Implants

Replacing Teeth with Implants and Advanced Zygoma Implants

Replacing a Removable Upper Denture with Implants

Replacing Failing Teeth with Implants

Zygoma and Dental Implants to replace all teeth

New Upper and Lower Teeth with Dental Implants

Remaking Upper Teeth to be more Harmonious with Face and New Lower Implants


Failing Upper and Lower Teeth


Sinus Lift and Nose Lift Bone Grafts for Implants in the Upper Jaw when Bone is too warn out

Replacing Upper and Lower Teeth with Same Day Teeth on Implants


“All on Four” Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental Implants


Single Arch Reconstruction with Zygomatic Implants


 Single Arch Reconstruction With Dental Implants


Smile Makeover With Dental Implants