Smile Makeovers

The concept of a smile-makeover is often mentioned and is best approached by a consulting with the correct group of professionals. This group often consists of:

  • Your Cosmetic Dentist
  • Your Maxillofacial Surgeon
  • Your Orthodontist
  • Other professionals may also be needed such as a periodontist, a skin care professional, a prosthodontist, a hygienist and a qualified lab technician.

The amount of work required depends on the extent of change that is desired after meeting with those professionals.  Some cases may simply require some esthetic dental work such as tooth-whitening and veneers while others may require orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery (orthognathics) followed by lip and chin enhancement. 

It is very important to start with the correct treatment plan so that the final result is not just beautiful but also functional and comfortable to the patient.  While many cases may be simple to fix with one or two brief procedures, the smile is one of the strongest features and its treatment should truly be individualized.  And while every patient would prefer a quick result, we believe that this decision should only be made after seriously considering the effects of the planned procedure.  For example, while a denture or bridge may provide a fast result for a missing tooth, a dental implant may in-fact be the better long term solution for a natural and comfortable smile. 

While veneers, gum surgery and a chin implant may cover the appearance of a gummy over-bite, in some cases, the choice of braces and orthognathic surgery would yield a natural cosmetic result without leaving the patient as a dental-cripple having difficulty with hygiene, mastication and speech.  The purpose, especially in these times where rapid is often confused with successful, is not just to obtain a fast improvement but a lasting one, preventing the makeover from later becoming a “do-over”.